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Tales from the Rose Garden

Tales from the Rose Garden

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The roses are finally in bloom, and the scent wafts into your open window. It whispers sweetly, “come outside, the sun is shining.”

Scent Notes:

Fresh roses blended with sweet coconut and lavender.

Size: 8.5 oz


Warning: Please use caution as the bathtub may become slippery. Keep in mind everyone's skin is different and products may react differently to certain skin types! Consult your doctor if you are pregnant before using.


Himalayan Pink Salt- calms, eases inflammation, replenishes minerals

Powdered Coconut Milk- moisturizing and anti-inflammatory

Dried Roses- hydrates the skin, relaxes, rejuvenates

Jojoba Oil- moisturizing, antibacterial

Essential Oils of Rose and Lavender


Add up to 1/4 of the bottle directly to your bath and soak in the relaxation. Drain your water with a bathtub strainer to catch all the flowers to prevent clogging your drain. Our full size bottles typically last 4-6 baths.

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